About Us

Founded in 2016, it was the dream of a passionate rider to establish a brand of riding gear and thus ‘Million Rides’ was born!!


At Million Rides, we offer high-quality products with multifaceted features. The process of innovation thrives on regular feedback and demand of riders. We take immense pride in providing the best quality product & service to our customers.


To all the riders, we are as excited as you are to ride: highways, off roads, different terrains, and most importantly we now know how much efforts it takes to accomplish these difficult journeys. We heavily invest in research and development to innovate and keep our product range unique. Million Rides ensures that every rider or power sports enthusiast is completely safe by wearing all our riding gear that he/she wears. 


Million Rides offer a wide range of motorcycle riding apparels sourced from SCALA Gears and FLY Racing, USA

               SCALA Gears (Safety, Comfort, Addictive, Long Lasting & Affordable– We are proud to announce that all the riding gear are designed and branded by an Indian motorcyclist for a variety of terrains. SCALA offers Snug-fitting motorcycle riding Jackets, Pants and Gloves, ensuring a rider’s Safety & Comfort first. We also focus on attractive features – that becomes an addiction later – super durable gears at affordable price. Hence, we are SCALA Gears!!

FLY Racing, USA – Helmets with super amazing graphics & sturdy, high hessian Boots: Fly Racing is committed to developing the highest quality apparel, accessories, and hard parts for all kind of sports. Inspired by racing, driven by adventure, and crafted to performance, FLY Racing has been working hard since 1998 to bring you the best gears in the market. Now available in India too..!!


When love for bikes & rides is in the blood, don’t you think that riding with safety gears is your topmost priority? If you are looking for riding gear with High quality, Safety, Comfort, Attractive graphics, designs, features, and all of it at an affordable price, you are at the right place. Our product portfolio offers a wide range of riding apparel that you will need to ride safely. Who can understand you and your riding passion better than Million rides? And hence we say, 


“Let’s go ‘Million Rides’ Safely..!!”